What is CBA Live Assist?

The secure solution that enables customers to communicate in real time via audio and video straight from your website or app without any plugins.

With a co-browsing session, you can help your customers to navigate your site, make a purchase, fill in a form and much more. The true show and tell solution.

Financial service institutions, insurance firms, medical organizations, call centers, car manufacturers and governments around the globe are using CBA Live Assist to provide great customer support to their customers.

The On-premise Solution

CBA Live Assist is a solution that is installed in your local server making it a great solution for financial institutions. governments and business. It allows you to maintain full control and keep the high security measures and data protection measures you already have in place.

Try it out to see how you can increase customer satisfaction.

Who is CBA?

CBA (Communications Business Avenue) is a worldwide systems integrator helping business to achieve customer satisfaction.  Founded 15 years ago.

Our experts create business solutions that exceed expectations, thus bringing separately-built applications and systems into an outstanding digital business transformation that helps you meet your objectives.

For more info visit our corporate site: cba-gbl.com